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Divorce Only


These packages are only available if all other issues such as parenting, division of property and debt, and spousal support and child support have been previously resolved by either a separation agreement or by a court order. These packages only apply to situations where the claim will proceed on an “uncontested” basis (the other party will not/does not file a response to the divorce claim).

The package includes:

  1. Drafting the claim for divorce.

  2. Court filing fees.

  3. Drafting the supporting documentation, including the Divorce Order, Divorce Affidavit, Child Support Affidavit (if applicable), Requisition, and Certificate of Pleadings.

  4. A copy of the entered Divorce Order.

The package does not include:

  • Court filing fees
  • This package does not include personal service of the claim for divorce on the other party
  • You will also need to provide us with an original copy of your marriage certificate. If you were married in BC, this may be obtained through the Vital Statistics website.



  1. Divorce Package if there are no “children of the marriage” pursuant to the Divorce Act: $1,250 plus taxes and disbursements

  2. Divorce Package if you have “children of the marriage” pursuant to the Divorce Act AND have a current separation agreement or court order that adequately deals with child support: $1,400 plus taxes and disbursements

  3. Divorce Package if you have “children of the marriage” pursuant to the Divorce Act AND need an updated child support agreement: $1,650 plus taxes and disbursements

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