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Marriage / Cohabitation Agreements


Flat fee quoted after initial consultation, based on complexity of issues. Package price starts at $2,000 plus taxes and disbursements

A cohabitation agreement (for common-law couples) or marriage agreement (for legally married couples) is simply a contract between two people who are living together already, or are planning to live together or marry.

A cohabitation or marriage agreement is often used to protect the property each party brings into the relationship, should the relationship end. It can also set out your intentions for how you and your spouse are going to arrange your finances and affairs while you live together and whether spousal support would be paid if the relationship ended.

These agreements aren't just for the wealthy! They can be a useful tool for any couple wanting to agree upfront how property and other financial issues will be resolved should the relationship end.

Our cohabitation and marriage agreement packages include the following: 

  • One meeting with the client to discuss all of the topics that need to be covered in the agreement, legal advice regarding enforcement of cohabitation/marriage agreements, and obtaining the client's instructions on the contents of the agreement;
  • Drafting the agreement after receiving any necessary documents from the client;
  • Reviewing the full draft agreement with the client once and making any necessary changes;
  • Providing the draft agreement to the client.

* The above fees do not include negotiating changes with the opposing party or the opposing party's lawyer or preparing or exchanging significant financial disclosure. These steps will require a full-service retainer and will be charged at our regular rate of $325/hour.

British Columbia has specific requirements for a cohabitation or marriage agreement to be enforceable. If you are interested in learning more about marriage agreements or cohabitation agreements in British Columbia, click the button below to schedule your free consultation today.

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