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Family Law Mediation can help separating couples resolve their family law disputes, stay out of court, save legal costs and preserve their co-parenting relationship


Attend Mediation with Joanne or Spencer as your Lawyer

Joanne and Spencer regularly represent clients as legal counsel in family law mediation. In this model, each party is represented by their own lawyer. The parties jointly retain an impartial third-party to act as a family law mediator. The goal is for the parties, through the mediation process, to reach resolution on the issues related to their separation.

It is our experience that when separating parties are able to arrive at a settlement of their dispute out of court as opposed to going through a trial, the benefits can be significant. 

Or use Joanne Martin as a neutral Family Law Mediator

Joanne is an accredited family law mediator with the Law Society of BC. She uses a step-by-step process acting as a neutral, impartial third party, helping the people involved to negotiate and shape an agreement that works for their family. In this mediation model, the parties often choose to attend mediation on their own without their own lawyers. The process generally proceeds as follows:

  1. Pre-Mediation meeting: each party meets individually with Joanne. We'll discuss your situation, determine what needs to be resolved, and discuss how we can prepare to ensure the mediation sessions are productive. This can be done via Zoom or in person.

  2. Exchange of documents and information: you will each gather and share your documents in advance of the joint mediation session so we have a good handle on your situation and ensure that you have the information you need to reach an agreement.

  3. Joint mediation session: the separating couple and Joanne meet in a joint session which is both informal and flexible. Joanne facilitates the conversation and helps you to make sure you are both considering the law as you work through the issues raised in the pre-mediation meetings. The separating couple works together to shape an agreement that is acceptable. Sometimes more than one joint session is needed, and either party may consult with a lawyer between sessions to ensure they have the information and advice they need to proceed with confidence.

  4. Joanne drafts a Separation Agreement that reflects the agreement you reached during the mediation.

  5. Finalizing and signing the Agreement: each party gets a copy of the Separation Agreement and any supporting documents and calculations used in the mediation. It is strongly recommended that each party obtain independent legal advice before signing. 

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